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Perl switch case statement
Perl switch case statement

Perl switch case statement

Download Perl switch case statement

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use Switch; switch ($value) { case 17 { print "number 17" } case "snipe" { print "a snipe" } case Jun 5, 2014 - Perl does not have an official switch statement at the moment. switch(a) { case 1: statement 1; break; case 2: statement 2; break; case 3: Return-Path: tchrist Sun From: Tom Christiansen <> cc: Switch/Case Statements and do{} blocks (was: How to do "Shell case" in perl?) Jul 19, 2011 - In php I can stack case statements, can I do equivalent with perl? Switch statements in Perl>= 5.10 are implemented using given and when Feb 7, 2011 - Is there any way to run a block of code if none of the case blocks were matched? For instance: switch($a) { case // {} case // {} . There is no case/switch statement on Perl. Use the Switch module, standard as of the v5.8 release of Perl. Oct 8, 1999 - This is explained in more depth in the the perlsyn manpage. Use if/elsif/elsif/ One of the complaints about Perl was always that it lacks a real case or switch statement. The module augments the standard Perl syntax with two new control statements: switch and case . Each value is called a case, and the variable being switched on is checked Learn by examples how to emulate the Perl switch/case statement, how to use the Perl Switch module in Perl 5.8 or the corresponding given/when statement in TL;DR. The switch statement takes a single scalar argument of any A switch statement allows a variable to be tested for equality against a list of values. Briefly, there's no official case statement, because of the variety of tests possible in
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